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Ukraine’s Borderline Disorder: How Ukraine’s bizarre internal politics created a European war

Ever since 2014, radical economic liberals have been in charge of economic policy, and radical ethnocentrist nationalists given crucial positions in the police and army.

Reflections on the Novorossiya War

A conservative and realist appraisal of Russia’s invasion and Ukraine’s chances

Letter from London

This is all very complicated for the Left. How might we distinguish a pacific left-wing move to end the war through negotiation from a cold-blooded Kissingerian realism.

Hypocrisy and shaky premises: New Zealand and the War in Ukraine

The foremost reason for New Zealand’s involvement in the conflict—to demonstrate support for the United States—is the first to be mentioned

Editorial: What Rough Beast?: Geopolitical reorderings and Western sentiment

Ukraine marks the point where the culture wars have opened out onto the geopolitical landscape, aligning progressives with neocons, humanitarians with warmongers.

Controlling the Ukraine Narrative

This means it is almost impossible within mainstream opinion to simultaneously acknowledge Putin’s insupportable actions and forge a path out of the war that does not involve escalation, and the further destruction of Ukraine.

A New Cold War?, by Roger Markwick

Russia, NATO and US power

Outrage by Noam Chomsky

Manufactured outrage and the hypocrisy of the West

Ukraine, by Damien Kingsbury

Russian memory and Putin's larger game