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Save Humanity! In 30,000 AD! With Crypto!

Simon Cooper

3 May 2024

What is ‘good’ or of ‘value’ is a complex question, one radically narrowed by the utilitarian, quantitative approach, which assumes that what is good is what can be measured.

Los Alamos to Neuralink

Albert Einstein issued a dire warning: that we were living under threat not only from the atomic bomb and the spectre of extermination in nuclear war, but also from a second weapon, one he considered just at dangerous for humanity and the planet—‘the Information Bomb’.

Editorial: Prometheus Unhinged

The announcement that Elon Musk’s Neuralink Corporation has succeeded in implanting a microchip capable of working with a human brain has hit the news just as I write this editorial. By the time you read this, it may have vanished again into the news-ether, or it may be all anyone is talking about. It is […]

Depreciating the Real: The Never-Ending Disappointment of AI

In this world of depersonalised narcissism, shaped by a uniform corporate directive and the imperative of comfort, convenience and consumption, it would be quite sensible to lose trust in reality.

Blasted Sea: A fossil fuel cacophony in Bass Strait

Seismic exploration has the central contradiction that has been with us since the first nuclear explosions opened the new epoch: the combination of the highly rational and the entirely mad.

Nuclear Frisson: On ‘Oppenheimer’

What concerns me is that Oppenheimer, far from shaking us out of our slumber, is unable to grasp the radical nature of what happened in the New Mexico desert or connect what happened there to our current techno-scientific moment.

Blame Profit, Absolve Technology?

In the tech world profit acts as a great ‘enshittifier’, but we also need to think critically about the materiality of the technologies themselves: their embedded alienation and their resource-intensive and polluting nature.

The Eighth Day of Creation: How the new cultural technologies take us into the posthuman

Human solidarity depends on the sense that we are all equal in coming from nature, and that attempts to reengineer ourselves will prove corrosive of this deeper equality.

Artificial Intelligence of Vanity

Lil Miquela is a software robot, but that doesn’t stop her followers from asking ‘What’s your skin care regime?’. Thanks to AI, even models will be out of a job.

The Limits of Human Control: Nuclear technologies threaten all life, so why do we persist?

The hubris of science towards the everyday world is not a new phenomenon, but where the practices of technoscience now frame our world this tendency is radically escalated.

I Sing the Body of Work Electric: ChatGPT, AI, writing, technology and humanity

With such developments unrestrained, we will become more like the imitations of ourselves than computers will become like us.

Fusion Net Gain Is Manufactured Ignorance

Almost every word written about ‘net energy gain’ from a fusion reaction is a species of manufactured ignorance generated by managing uncomfortable knowledge, which is complicated by a tension between the desire to trust fusion experts but and the knowledge that those experts operate under powerful incentives to engage in hype.