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Turkey in Syria

The Kurds, the Russians, and democracy in Turkey

Regional Inferno

The turbulent state of the Middle East

Syria, by Jeremy Salt

The war the United States cannot allow to end

Viewing the New War in Syria, by Stephen Pascoe

Stephen Pascoe

20 Apr 2017

Stephen Pascoe on Trump's air strikes in Syria, and the historical resonance of the aerial view

In Washington Only the War Party Reigns, by Nicolas Hausdorf

Nicolas Hausdorf

13 Apr 2017

Trump's shift on Syria may please the hawkish elites, but at what cost?

A New Cold War?, by Roger Markwick

Russia, NATO and US power

Salt Responds

Much of what Firas Massouh, Yoni Molad and Steve Pascoe write in response to my article is based on assumptions about how I think and how I frame events which have no relationship to how I do think or frame events.

Putting Syria Back Together Again by Firas Massouh, Yoni Molad and Stephen Pascoe

A response to Jeremy Salt

Tearing Syria Apart by Jeremy Salt

A war is being waged in and on Syria. Protecting the people from the dictator is no more than the usual pretext for attacks on Middle Eastern countries.

Overcoming the Arab Malaise

Reflections on history, modernity and revolution

War and Peace: Has the Distinction between the Two Collapsed?

Simon Cooper The globalised policing of dissent, opposition and difference, as well as terrorism, is creating a culture of perpetual war.