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The coming COVID science sh*tstorm: responding to the Great Barrington Declaration

‘Not again’ will be the first thought of many climate-change veterans. They will recognise in the Great Barrington Declaration (GBD) echoes of the dispiriting and distracting climate-science wars. Released on 7 October, the declaration is a brief statement promoted by three eminent epidemiologists. It is highly critical of lockdown approaches to tackling COVID-19 and argues […]

Coronavirus and the Rightful Place of Science

COVID-19 may herald a welcome reversal of the ‘post-truth’ turn, and an acceptance that facts matter and expertise counts; there are, however, many reasons not to embrace such reassertions of expert authority uncritically.

Editorial – Issue 41/42 ‘People, Planet and the Anthropocene: Spectators of Our Own Demise?’, by Paul James

Humans now have the capacity to produce synthetic life-forms (since 2010) and to destroy life on this planet as we know it (since 1952). It is only by recognizing this point — that we are now reconstituting the very basis of nature — that adequate acknowledgement of the Anthropocene starts to hit home.

Climate Change is Not the Basic Issue

GEOFF SHARP argues that the technoscience–capitalism convergence has supercharged climate change. We need a movement to tackle that.

A Perfect Storm of Dots

Animal organ donation is now being advanced as a serious solution to organ shortages, but mixing species in the name of health is like scattering landmines in the name of peace, writes Toshi Knell

Imagining the Post-Human

Simon Cooper Recent books by Kazuo Ishiguro and Michel Houellebecq offer guides of sorts to the post-human.