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Gangsta Grannies and Taser Torments

No Royal Commission could possibly deal with all the social and structural issues that afflict the treatment of the aged in a country where they are commodified and forgotten.

Safe for whom?: On NSW Police’s automatic policing software

the recent trends from Big Tech companies and their sustained attempts to control narratives around values and ethics does not so much reflect a desire for ethical technologies as it instead speaks to the ongoing lucrative, neoliberal drive to expand market profits.

Kettling for COVID: Police and protest in Melbourne

…police forces everywhere have been militarising their equipment, procedures and general outlook. They have been taking on the strategies of special operations forces, influenced by discourses of terrorism, learning new and terrifying tactics…

What the victory of Territory Labor means for Aboriginal children and youth justice

This commitment to law and order in a society that has deep roots in discriminatory justice practices—overtly legitimated under the NT Intervention in 2007—signals another four years of the state’s punitive management of Aboriginal children.

Abolishing the police is the first step to a new society

Arena Online

Karin Zhu

30 Jun 2020

The police are responsible for stopping previous movements to reimagine or change the world. To imagine a new society—which is more important than ever as climate change looms—we need to first remove the barrier that is stopping movements from gaining momentum.

Technologies in Hong Kong’s anti-government movement

…proficiency in using technology, along with the ability to improvise, will remain a key tactic in protestors’ fights against the police and their superior resources.

Global Capitalist Crisis Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part III)

The crisis triggered by the pandemic will leave in its wake more inequality, more political tension, more militarism and more authoritarianism; social upheaval, civil strife and mass popular struggles will likely escalate.

Three Shots

The death of Kumanjayi Walker—the Northern Territory as police state

New Generation Police Tactics by Lindsay Fitzclarence

The BDS court case and defence of public space

The Militarisation of Defence

The Defence White Paper assumes an aggressive posture and receives unprecedented funding

Now, S11

Guy Rundle on Victory of a New Kind

Media Violence

Anita Lacey and Damian Grenfell