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Ahmed Faraz, Poet of Love and Hope

In Pakistan, where the poor have little recourse to justice, poetry accompanies and comforts those living a harsh existence.

The Aukward Situation

Excuse the strain, we’ve been roundly Amerified. Our tastes, waistlines, the secular statehood of our core antagonisms; all have given up the canestalk for lashings of fructified corn.

Unacknowledged Legislators

All the received wisdoms and shibboleths of contemporary politics and economics, which have (among much else) lifted Donald Trump to his present bad eminence and left parliaments in many lands beset by extreme right-wing parties and ideologues, need reviewing in a fresh light.

Les Murray: Not an Encomium, by Stefano de Pieri

This is about Les Murray as I knew him. It is not an encomium but a story about how I came to know him—if you can ever know someone like him. Stephen Edgar, in a poem entitled ‘The Grand Hotel’—an analogy or disguise for Les’s mind—writes: Apart from that, though, I recall Something you said […]

Reflections on Pasolini’s ‘Weeping Excavator’, by Gerardo Papalia

Capitalism and the destruction of the sacred

The Battleground of Contemporary Australian Poetry by Ali Alizadeh

Trading Art for Animosity

Birds and bird song in poem and painting

Barry Hill and John Wolseley listen to the stories birds tell about the earth

A Celebration and Lament for Nature

Nonie Sharp Ways of thinking and writing about nature are changing with our relationship to it