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Africa is the last roll of the dice for Big Oil

A significant part of this is about an industry in the death throes of relevancy, thrashing about for and latching onto one last opportunity for legitimacy, power and profits in the midst of crisis.

Spying on Timor-Leste by Damien Kingsbury

It will take some months to play out, but Australia is finally before an international tribunal to determine whether or not it has acted legally over the division of the Timor Sea with Timor-Leste. At stake is the territorial boundary between Australia and Timor-Leste and, therefore, control of tens of billions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas resources.

Two Worlds

John Hinkson discusses the implications of two worlds developing on the cultural stage

Prometheus Unhinged

Guy Rundle Iraq, the Ethics of Military Intervention and the Politics of the New Century

To the Other Side of History

Guy Rundle

High Towers, High Stakes, High Risks

John Hinkson: The financial fallout of the attack has laid bare the risky and crisis-ridden nature of a hi-tech society. The aftershocks will echo through every sector of the economy.

From Colony to Global Prize

George Aditjondro Timor Loro Sa'e Under a New Wave of Economic Transformation

Uncanny Reflection – The Destruction of Chechnya

NATO's bombing of Serbian forces and Russia's action in Chechnya have some chilling similarities writes Simon Cooper