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Fast Drums, Slow Genocide: West Papuan group Sorong Samarai at WOMAD

In Papua they say that ‘all men are birds’, meaning that everybody sings and is close to nature…

The Backward-Looking Cult of Beatle Worship

What’s really sucking the life out of things is this traditionalist drive to be borne ceaselessly backwards, a program that diminishes the dozens of equally transcendent recording artists who’ve roamed the fallout zone since punk detonated the Beatles-led classic-rock hegemony circa 1976.

Topographies of an Australian Soul?

21 Jun 2012

Peter Sculthorpe’s music and the myth of the myth of Australian ‘identity’ By Neil Maizels

The Future of Community Radio

For all the successes of community broadcasting, the sector is at a crossroads writes Dave Melzer

What good is a song?

Graeme Smith

Blackfella Beats and New Flows

Powerful to Aboriginal youth, yet virtually invisible to mainstream white Australia, a new and distinctly Aboriginal form of hip-hop is gaining momentum, writes Cristina Notarpietro-Clarke.

Downloading the Siren’s Song

Simon Cooper The tecnological management of otherness