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The State and Terror in the New Era

Jenny Hocking: Imprecision over the language of 'terrorism' and its application, leads to concerns that counter-terrorist security measures will be broadly targetted in ways that are neither appropriate nor efficient, ways that may impinge upon legitimate political agitation and dissent

Them’s Fighting Words

Douglas McQueen-Thomson: Language of War and War Through Language.

I’m Branded

Jeannie Rea: No Logo, Naomi Klein, Flamingo/Harper Collins, London, 2001.

Surviving Reality

Simon Cooper Reality TV is Social Life Minus the Messy Social Aspect

Dislocations – Salman Rushdie and Fiji

John Hinkson

Up Close and Abstract

Michele Willson Image and Presence Vie in Online Offerings

Capital’s First International?

James Goodman The World Economic Forum is Coming to Town

Towards Global Diversity

The combination of high technology and the market has produced new kind of economy and culture, writes John Hinkson

Shock Fetish Shoes, Sex and Shock

Michele Willson asks how far can shock advertising go before we become unshockable.

Mapping the Political Terrain

George Aditjondro Post-Referendum Timor Loro Sa'e

The Languages of Reconciliation

Leanne Reinke

Uncanny Reflection – The Destruction of Chechnya

NATO's bombing of Serbian forces and Russia's action in Chechnya have some chilling similarities writes Simon Cooper