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Thatcher’s ‘Miracles’ Live On

With the death of Margaret Thatcher we might reflect that we certainly need political leadership in a new key after the debacles unleashed by the leaders of the 1980s.

Dr Britain

Tom Nairn: Blair,Tom Nairn The Man Without Qualities

Consuming Social Justice

This article attempts to move beyond totalising cynicism, as well as unbridled optimism, towards a more nuanced understanding of fair trade. I explore the contradictions and paradoxes of using consumer practices to build bridges of socio-economic solidarity across core and periphery. More specifically, I want to determine how fair-trade discourse constructs understandings of development, consumerism, and global justice.

Scotland, the Blair Project and the Zombie Faction

Tom Nairn Assessing the Scottish Parliament, One Year On

George W. Bush

Matthew Ryan Linking God, Death and Votes