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Practical Reconciliation and the Current Crisis in Indigenous Affairs

7 Jun 2016

What we are witnessing is the (re-)adoption of empty and often unwelcome symbolism as a cover for the failure of practical policies in Indigenous affairs. And this is a direct outcome of what was one of John Howard’s most significant interventions into Indigenous affairs: his bifurcation of the “symbolic” and “practical” aspects of reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australia, and the flow-on of this cleavage into Indigenous affairs policy-making more broadly.

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Matthew Ryan The paranoia accompanying war's mediated rhetoric erodes our sense of belonging

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Scott Burchill 'Evidence' for war so far presented is loaded in favour of a pre-determined conflict and panders to a wider need for grotesque self-deception.

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Jenny Hocking: Imprecision over the language of 'terrorism' and its application, leads to concerns that counter-terrorist security measures will be broadly targetted in ways that are neither appropriate nor efficient, ways that may impinge upon legitimate political agitation and dissent

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