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Yi Hak-nae and the Burma–Thailand Railway

In 1946–47, Australia conducted twenty-three war-crimes trials in Singapore, with sixty-two defendants. It found eighteen guilty and sentenced them to death, acquitted eleven, and sentenced an additional thirty-three to varying prison terms.

Rough Road Ahead

7 Jan 2014

By John Hinkson

Ready to Die for TEPCO?

The end of Japan’s nuclear growth model?

Nuclear Sickness

Fukushima’s deadly health legacy

Anti-nuclear Conviction

Response to Richard Broinowski

After Consumerism: Through a Glass, Darkly

The market may have a terrible precariousness, but at the same time it is being constantly readjusted and reproduced.

From Colony to Global Prize

George Aditjondro Timor Loro Sa'e Under a New Wave of Economic Transformation