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Critical Attitudes to Israeli Colonialism and the Diversity of Nazi Victims in Popular Culture

In support of Israeli exceptionalism, the reality of the eugenicist Nazi regime and the diversity of its victims have been re-spun as purely anti-Semitic.

Australian Doctors Cannot Remain Silent on Gaza

At what point is it that we are permitted to speak, to advocate in the manner that truly is befitting this profession?

The Universities and Israel

In counterpoint to so much circulating about a victimised Israel, Riemer’s book is a work of ethical and affective commitment in which the latter, perforce, is animated by the former.

Who has the right to self-defence, the occupier or the occupied?

Arena Online

Ali Kazak

10 Nov 2023

All colonialists and occupiers have called the resistance they have faced ‘terrorism’, from the French, British and Dutch colonialists to the Nazi, fascists and South African apartheid regime.

The Long Siege of Gaza

The long-term, systematically planned nature of the siege needs re-emphasising as a fundamental aspect of the causation of the massacres that have taken place on either side of Israel’s militarised border.

Palestina Libera: Palestine march, Milan 21 October

Horrible and seductive eyes stare down on exhausted working people, people who just spent the day screaming at the top of their lungs to stop the genocide.

On Returning from Israel: An Email to the Editors 

Since the beginning of this nightmare, while being there, I carefully listened to Israeli TV and radio news programs, all devoted now to war pornography.

The Only Path to Peace in the Middle East

Arena Online

Ali Kazak

26 Oct 2023

The solution is based on the peaceful coexistence and the equality of all citizens, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, in one democratic state.

A challenge to Israel and its lobby: Tell us where the borders of Israel are?

Arena Online

Ali Kazak

29 Jun 2023

How can the Labor government justify its role, through then foreign minister Herbert Vere Evatt, in partitioning Palestine into two states, and then recognise one state and not the other?

No March of Redemption for Israelis: The Netanyahu government’s attack on Israel’s Supreme Court

As long as Israel could continue pretending to be a full democracy, the world could look aside and ignore the occupation.

The Palestinian Question: Celebrating the Liberal Media?

A certain anti-intellectualism, perhaps especially rife in the Australian context, is arguably one of the major problems of mainstream respectable media.

French Crack Down on Protestors: Solidarity and Violence

…many people have been asking: ‘Would the protest have been banned if it had been pro-Israel?’