Tag: Iran

American–Iranian Enmity

Trump’s regional strategies are being undermined by Iran’s new alliances

Regional Inferno

The turbulent state of the Middle East

Overcoming the Arab Malaise

Reflections on history, modernity and revolution

Now for Iran

Jeremy Salt exposes the interests that lie behind calls for a strike against Iran.

Empires of Consumption

With empires on the move again, Alison Caddick looks at our prospects for the future.

A Mobile Slaughterhouse

Christopher Scanlon

Israel and Iran : The Call of the Abyss

How can the West resolve the stand-off over nuclear power while preserving its own ways of living and promoting liberty, asks John Hinkson

War and Peace: Has the Distinction between the Two Collapsed?

Simon Cooper The globalised policing of dissent, opposition and difference, as well as terrorism, is creating a culture of perpetual war.

The Iraqi Connection

Scott Burchill 'Evidence' for war so far presented is loaded in favour of a pre-determined conflict and panders to a wider need for grotesque self-deception.

The Chemistry of War

Scott Burchill Forget the demonisation of Iraq. Chemical weaponry is the preferred choice of world leaders. It can spread diseases to those who are vulnerable to them, kill in minutes and leave infrastructure and industry untouched.