Tag: Indigenous Australians

Water in a Geo-political Context

Lindsay Fitzclarence on the need for alternative perspectives about water policies and the Murray-Darling Basin

Ways to Claim a Country

Gillian Cowlishaw reflecting on the settler consciousness of place and origin

Response to Lattas and Morris’ ‘Blinkered Anthropology’

Francesca Merlan in defence of the NT Intervention

Embedded Anthropology and the Intervention

Barry Morris and Andrew Lattas on cultural determinism and neo-liberal forms of racial governance

On Peter Sutton’s Pietism

Roland Boer traces the use of 'pietism and sacrimentalism’ in Peter Sutton’s writing on White Australia and Aborignal reconciliation.

Contracting Out Indigenous Futures

Noel Pearson and Peter Sutton both take an assimilationist turn writes Geoff Sharp

Just a Beginning

Alison Caddick

Treaty Talk 2002: Notes on Three Conferences

Tim Rowse

Blood from a Stone

Larissa Behrendt The real goal of 'practical reconciliation' is Indigenous disempowerment, and ATSIC is once again a target. Now it's being subjected to a massive disinformation campaign. It won't get the real attention it needs until a genuine commitment to Indigenous rights is made

Unfinished Journey: Indigenous Self-Determination

Larissa Behrendt: Setbacks and political reaction have led many to turn away from the difficult project of extending indigenous rights. But it is only through completing the journey to full self-determination that true indigenous liberation can be achieved.

Federation and All That

Guy Rundle Nation-Building In A Post-National Culture

Media Violence

Anita Lacey and Damian Grenfell