Tag: human rights

Ways to Claim a Country

Gillian Cowlishaw reflecting on the settler consciousness of place and origin

Response to Lattas and Morris’ ‘Blinkered Anthropology’

Francesca Merlan in defence of the NT Intervention

The ‘Devil’ in Haiti

Victims of colonialist exploitation for centuries, Haitians need more than temporary aid. Aurélien Mondon on Haiti.

Anaesthetising the National Conscience

Julian Burnside The Howard Government's Refugee Policy is a Hypocritical Contradiction of the oft-espoused rhetoric of the 'Fair Go'

Kingdom of Nothingness

Guy Rundle

I’m Branded

Jeannie Rea: No Logo, Naomi Klein, Flamingo/Harper Collins, London, 2001.

Mapping the Political Terrain

George Aditjondro Post-Referendum Timor Loro Sa'e

The Languages of Reconciliation

Leanne Reinke

Burma’s Hidden Heroes, Burma’s Shame

Joan Robinson documents the plight of Burma's political prisoners