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Trump: Clinton’s Fake Progressivism, by Gavin Lewis

Gavin Lewis

22 Jan 2017

Trump may be racist, but it was the Clintons who criminalised black Americans en masse.

The Cost of Trump’s Victory

11 Nov 2016

Progressivism has to take some of the blame and will have to deeply reconsider its project if we are to counter the forces of Trumpism.

Chameleon Clinton the ‘Saviour of Children’

4 Nov 2016

In today’s race for the White House, falsehoods and deceptions are no longer marginal to political debate but rather shape much of what is said by US presidential candidates. This is shockingly true for Trump, who has organised much of his campaign around endless fabrications, sending fact-checkers into a frenzy of activity. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton has earned a reputation as a chameleon, willing to say almost anything to promote her political career.…

Diversity and Empire, by Guy Rundle

With Trump setting the agenda, Clinton retools 'diversity'

Arena Publications Podcast #3: Arena Fundraising Dinner (25/06/16) – Dennis Altman & Guy Rundle

14 Oct 2016

A recording of an Arena fundraising dinner, featuring Denis Altman (AM) and Guy Rundle discussing ‘the American political landscape and presidential elections’, hosted by Melinda Hinkson.