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Big Little Britain, by Guy Rundle

When the political compact loses its ground

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The October revolution in the twentieth-century political imagination

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Glorious Progress of Dragon Emperor Kevin In Storming Heaven!: Guy Rundle

24 Oct 2013

Kevin Rudd had a transformative vision of how Australians should live. So why did Labor fail so badly?

The Triumph of Reason? by Guy Rundle

'Medievalism' and reason in the US election

Living in the Sky

China, the West and Cultural Hubris Guy Rundle

A New Left Forming?

Alison Caddick questions recent discussions surrounding the idea of a new left forming in Australian politics.

The Great American Emptiness

Guy Rundle follows Barack Obama down to the river.

The Cultural Contradictions of Christian Fundamentalism

Many have been caught unawares by the re-assertion of Christian fundamentalism. Guy Rundle looks at the rise of a religious form uniquely suited to contemporary cultural mores.

After Progress? The Four Questions of Global Politics

Guy Rundle