Tag: global financial crisis

Money Turns Abstract: A history of money and the emergence of Bitcoin

Is blockchain a weapon that serves to emancipate people, or to emancipate money? Is it a way back to money used as a means to an end, or the ultimate expression of its fetishism?

A War Footing?, by John Hinkson

The global security emergency and its economic eruptions

Renegotiating Our Place in the World, by John Hinkson

The effects of the GFC continue to play out in the novel processes of globalisation as linked to the power and reach of the techno-sciences

Trump and the Fascist Prospect, by John Hinkson

The socio-cultural conditions of the collapse of liberal democracy

Two Worlds

John Hinkson discusses the implications of two worlds developing on the cultural stage

Reflections on the Current Condition

The Arena publications respond to the current crisis. By Geoff Sharp, Nonie Sharp, John Hinkson, Paul James, Alison Caddick, Simon Cooper

Neo-liberalism has no Future

Does the global financial crisis mark a new realisation of the limits of where the capitalist order can take us asks John Hinkson