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Judith Butler: Gender Politics versus Fascism?

Given the ease with which Western state and corporate power has welcomed gender inclusiveness (while hypocritically propping up forces that actively suppress gender diversity elsewhere)…there is little evidence that a pro-genderism stance necessarily disrupts entrenched forms of power…

Identity Crisis: Radical Gender Theory and the Left

The idea that there is no significant relationship between sex and gender carries with it an assumption about human beings that should strike those on the material Left as a challenge to an idea of freedom without which ‘the Left’ as a political entity would never have come into being at all…

Claims to Identity: The Trans Debate, by Simon Cooper

Simon Cooper

18 Feb 2016

Should we take Germaine Greer seriously?

What Hope for Years to Come?

Geoff Sharp: In the wake of the terrorist attacks in the United States, the tension between religious piety and imperial power reveals the urgent need for re-examination of the new social forms