Tag: Edition 113

The Slim Volume Report

Peter Bakowski, Beneath Our Armour (Hunter Publishers, Melbourne, 2009); B N Oakman, In Defence of Hawaiian Shirts (Interactive Press, Carindale, 2010); Petra White, The Simplified World (John Leonard Press, Melbourne, 2010)

Telling Us What We Already Know

Will Hutton's case for 'due desserts'

The intervention in context

Peter Billings (ed.), Indigenous Australians and the Commonwealth Intervention, special issue of Law in Context (Federation Press, Sydney, 2011)

Diamonds are for Everyone

New trends in contemporary jewellery

The Harry Potter Finale

Old-fashioned narrative meets contemporary culture

With Friends like John Armstrong …

The humanities’ vital contribution to the public sphere

‘I was just …’

On living justly: how we evade responsibility with a sentence qualifier

Income Management

Seismic shifts in welfare provision, but where is the evidence for income management?

Nuclear Sickness

Fukushima’s deadly health legacy

Fire on the Water

Alison Caddick looks at the causes of the London riots.

Boris Bites Packer

How I accidentally thwarted Sir Frank and discovered Madame Blavatsky

Ai Weiwei

The Chinese Art of Silencing Dissent