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Degrowth, Green Growth, Post-Growth?

These key questions about the imagination and creation, financing, and governance of prosperous and resilient post-carbon communities are, as the authors of these five books forcefully argue, also vital starting points for the work required to strengthen support for reduced consumption and for post-growth ways of life.

The New Anthroposcenery

…the city itself must become its own source of wilderness, where natural elements from flora to fauna are sourced, renovated, and put on display.

From Green Revolution to Agroecology by Maarten Stapper

The core of life on Earth is the daily requirement of food for people and all living organisms in webs of life, or ecosystems. These natural, self-organising ecosystems, which have provided food for millennia, are increasingly being taken apart—by ecological destruction and changing climates caused by ever increasing world population; industrialisation, including food production using […]