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Australia and East Timor: the continuing denial

Throughout the occupation, the Australian government worked as chief propagandist for the Suharto regime in the international arena on the Timor issue.

What Did East Timor Do To Deserve Us?

Binoy Kampmark

9 Jun 2022

Even on the eve of East Timorese independence, Australian establishment forces around the pro-Jakarta lobby rallied with monochromatic consistency.

Australia’s Unfinished Timor Business

The following years of Indonesian occupation and violent subjection of the Timorese people were accompanied by a narrative of denial by the Australian government, aimed at protecting the Suharto regime from scrutiny and allowing the regime to continue its repression of East Timor largely unimpeded.

Spying on Timor-Leste by Damien Kingsbury

It will take some months to play out, but Australia is finally before an international tribunal to determine whether or not it has acted legally over the division of the Timor Sea with Timor-Leste. At stake is the territorial boundary between Australia and Timor-Leste and, therefore, control of tens of billions of dollars’ worth of oil and gas resources.

The Militarisation of Defence

The Defence White Paper assumes an aggressive posture and receives unprecedented funding

The Neglected State-builder

Michael Leach on Cuban medical programs in the Pacific.

New Empires, New Anti-Empires

Tom Nairn argues the case for multilateralism

Oan Kiak: Women and Independence in Timor-Leste

In the most isolated areas of Timor-Leste, women are providing a powerful counterpoint to the apparent failure of independence, write Anna Trembath and Damian Grenfell

Patriot Games

Paul James The 'Ordinary Person' is Now an Ironic Myth

From Colony to Global Prize

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Mapping the Political Terrain

George Aditjondro Post-Referendum Timor Loro Sa'e

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Lisa Palmer spends a night at the indigenous opera