Tag: consumerism

The University Does Not Think, by Simon Cooper

The fate of knowledge in an age of innovation

Instruments of Idolatry

STEPHEN AMES asks what responses to contemporary cultural contradictions are viable today and seeks answers in the Christian traditions.

After Consumerism: Through a Glass, Darkly

The market may have a terrible precariousness, but at the same time it is being constantly readjusted and reproduced.

Consuming Social Justice

This article attempts to move beyond totalising cynicism, as well as unbridled optimism, towards a more nuanced understanding of fair trade. I explore the contradictions and paradoxes of using consumer practices to build bridges of socio-economic solidarity across core and periphery. More specifically, I want to determine how fair-trade discourse constructs understandings of development, consumerism, and global justice.

Up Close and Abstract

Michele Willson Image and Presence Vie in Online Offerings

Three Films, Three Geeks

Matthew Ryan Existenz, Being John Malkovich, Fight Club