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Alan Roberts Prize: What if Ivan Illich Were Elected Mayor?

The winning essay for 2021 in Arena’s annual Alan Roberts Prize.

Marketising Social Care, by Fiona Macdonald

Why we need to talk about the NDIS

All that Melts…, by Alison Caddick

What does security—the necessity of being able to assume the contours of a relatively stable life-world—mean any more?

Habeas Corpus

Angela Mitropoulos: Citizens are commodities, dialogue is dead and civilisation is barbaric in the new global order. Against capital and state, open borders represent hope.

On the Frontier of the Bio-tech Boom

Kate Cregan: Victoria Embraces the Genetic Argument Without Argument

Liberal Post-Humanism?

Alison Caddick on Peter Singer and the Genetic Manipulation of Intelligence

Capital’s First International?

James Goodman The World Economic Forum is Coming to Town

Shock Fetish Shoes, Sex and Shock

Michele Willson asks how far can shock advertising go before we become unshockable.