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Afghanistan: Gift or Grand Conceit?

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It is beyond most Westerners to understand today how offers of democracy are really much more than this: there is a widespread incapacity to grasp the social assumptions embedded in our ‘gifts’ writes John Hinkson

Blackfella Beats and New Flows

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Powerful to Aboriginal youth, yet virtually invisible to mainstream white Australia, a new and distinctly Aboriginal form of hip-hop is gaining momentum, writes Cristina Notarpietro-Clarke.

Latest comment: Nice One (again) Katrina!Saturday we host our Beats&Pieces @ middle Bar Kinsela's. ! we have a susrpire...

What Hope for Years to Come?

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Geoff Sharp: In the wake of the terrorist attacks in the United States, the tension between religious piety and imperial power reveals the urgent need for re-examination of the new social forms