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The Eighth Day of Creation: How the new cultural technologies take us into the posthuman

Human solidarity depends on the sense that we are all equal in coming from nature, and that attempts to reengineer ourselves will prove corrosive of this deeper equality.

Biotech is about more than ownership. It’s about what human beings are

…the notion that (potential) human beings—that life—can be ‘mined’ or even created in order to provide other human beings with the material they need to be healthy and happy represents a momentous shift in how we view human being itself…

The Small Matter of Our Humanity

Simon Cooper Cloning, embryonic stem cell research, xenotransplantation, genetic screening ... the onslaught of new medical and biological technologies are pushing us towards a posthuman future whose meanings, possibilities and peril we have barely begun to contemplate.

The Crisis in Embryo

Guy Rundle

On the Frontier of the Bio-tech Boom

Kate Cregan: Victoria Embraces the Genetic Argument Without Argument

AIDS in Africa

Guy Rundle on Big Pharma's response to the AIDS epidemic in Africa

The Auto-Vivisectors

Guy Rundle on Living Organ Donation