New Zealand’s AUKUS Capabilities

The agreement may have locked the country into an alliance with the declining superpower for decades while taxpayers subsidise its massive ‘national security’ budget.

The Subs and the Next War

AUKUS is a poor investment even when judged by the irrational standard of its proponents.

PODCAST: Bombs Bursting In Our Air: AUKUS, Australia and the course set for war?

An audio recording of the Arena public discussion hosted by the Institute for Postcolonial Studies (IPCS).

Australia’s Sub-Sovereignty: AUKUS, ANZUS and our Subservience

Australia’s history is replete with missed opportunities for asserting sovereign independence, for peacefully relating to our region, for sustainable development and for conciliation between settlers and Indigenous peoples.

The Great White Fleet Returns: AUKUS, culture, ‘mega-race’ and the new world blocs

The Left appears to have very little to say about AUKUS, even though it amounts to the most comprehensive imposition of hegemonic whiteness currently on offer.

Bearer of War: How Asia views AUKUS

Fundamentally, AUKUS must be seen as a critical capitulation to Washington’s power interests and a danger to Australia’s neighbours.

AUKUS and the Labor Tradition: Has Albanese completed or betrayed the Curtin legacy?

In supporting the Coalition government’s decision on AUKUS, the Albanese government has made the most significant departure from the party’s defence and foreign policy tradition in the last forty years.

Rainbow Gunboat: Progressivism in the service of Western geopolitics

Progressive politics has become increasingly accommodating of state power in the last two decades, reversing positions that have historically underpinned left-liberal politics.

Highway to Hell: We are being AUKUStrated!

AUKUS makes Australia a US garrison, and locks us in with US warfighting so securely that we will be unable to stay out of any American war.

The ‘China Threat’: Can we escape the historical legacy of anti-Chinese racism?

Marilyn Lake

29 Jun 2023

The ‘Chinese threat narrative’, as it has recently been labelled, was constitutive of Australian nationhood.

Editorial: The New Washington Consensus

The United States will still be a civilisation in decline, except for the massive power of its capacity for surveillance, war and social terror, which may hold it together before e unum pluribus.

Illusory Imperatives: AUKUS commits us to futile wars; an independent defence is possible

AUKUS is an investment in US shipyards rather than the Australian economy. We are not buying submarines so much as subsidising the US Navy’s submarine budget.