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Incarceration, Autonomy and Resistance on Manus Island, by Behrouz Boochani

Our resistance demonstrated our rejection of violence, affirming our dignity as human beings by imbuing our struggle with peace.

The National Cruelty, by Russell Marks

How to understand our attitude to refugees and detention regimes

Ai Weiwei and the Superficial Politics of Victimhood

12 Feb 2016

The image of Chinese Artist Ai Weiwei lying prostrate on a stony beach in Greece, recreating the now iconic photo of drowned Syrian infant Alan Kurdi, has predictably gone viral and generated fierce argument about the role of art and politics. The problem with an image of this sort is that its meaning is endlessly debatable.

Malice in Wonderland, by Desmond Manderson

The Abbott government and the erosion of the rule of law

Iraq and Our Democracy by Alison Caddick

If the non-response to the marches against the Iraq war in 2003 confirmed a disabling political cynicism in many people, today we witness the political fruits of two decades of aggression in the Middle East and its fallout.

Australian Guantanamo

Pamela Curr asks if strategies of systematic de-humanisation in Australian detention centres owe anything to US torture techniques.

Caveat Emptor: European governments should resist the Howard Government’s efforts to sell the ‘Pacific Solution’

Susan Metcalfe

Anaesthetising the National Conscience

Julian Burnside The Howard Government's Refugee Policy is a Hypocritical Contradiction of the oft-espoused rhetoric of the 'Fair Go'

Kingdom of Nothingness

Guy Rundle

No Horizons

Anna Trembath and Damian Grenfell Baxter and Beyond: Where Now for the Refugee Movement?

In the name of the people

Guy Rundle and Christopher Scanlon

The ALP and Asylum Seekers

2 Feb 2002

Guy Rundle