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Arena Quarterly no. 6

Quarterly Issue 6 Contents Page

Jun 2021

Care is so often undervalued and taken for granted. Yet what would our society be without care – care for our children and frail elderly, care for the environment, care in education? In this issue, Fiona Jenkins, Elise Klein, Gabrielle Meagher and Daniel Ross show the essential value of care, and how it must take a central place in thinking and planning.

Arena Quarterly no. 5

Quarterly Issue 5 Contents Page

Mar 2021

As 2021 establishes itself as a sequel to 2020 in more ways than one, Arena no. 5 considers the forces that shaped the extraordinary year that’s just passed, and that will continue to shape life now and into the future.

Arena Quarterly no. 4

Quarterly Issue 4 Contents Page

Dec 2020

In our end-of-year issue, writers consider a world after COVID-19. Dare we look to a world remade—a world beyond a 'new normal'? De-commodified housing models and grassroots ideas for communities and local councils are grounds for hope. Australia's relationship with China, and the injustices wrought at Juukan Gorge, call for caution. A Pluriversal New Deal and a reimagined, environmentally informed understanding of the land and farming offer expansive ideas for a way forward.

Arena Quarterly no. 3

Quarterly Issue 3 Contents Page

Sep 2020

After the Deluge: essays on defence, democracy, COVID, capitalism, the arts, resilience, and the Murray-Darling

Arena Quarterly no. 2

Quarterly Issue 2 Contents Page

Jul 2020

In Arena no. 2, writers explore COVID-19 and some of its multifarious societal implications, plus university protests in India, Australia's role in intrigues at home and abroad, and the co-optation of the caring professions in 'Countering Violent Extremism'.

Arena Quarterly no. 1

Quarterly Issue 1 Contents Page

Mar 2020

Inaugural issue of Arena Quarterly