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Arena Quarterly no. 5

Quarterly Issue 5 Contents Page

Mar 2021

As 2021 establishes itself as a sequel to 2020 in more ways than one, Arena no. 5 considers the forces that shaped the extraordinary year that’s just passed, and that will continue to shape life now and into the future.

Arena Quarterly no. 4

Quarterly Issue 4 Contents Page

Dec 2020

In our end-of-year issue, writers consider a world after COVID-19. Dare we look to a world remade—a world beyond a 'new normal'? De-commodified housing models and grassroots ideas for communities and local councils are grounds for hope. Australia's relationship with China, and the injustices wrought at Juukan Gorge, call for caution. A Pluriversal New Deal and a reimagined, environmentally informed understanding of the land and farming offer expansive ideas for a way forward.

Arena Quarterly no. 3

Quarterly Issue 3 Contents Page

Sep 2020

After the Deluge: essays on defence, democracy, COVID, capitalism, the arts, resilience, and the Murray-Darling

Arena Quarterly no. 2

Quarterly Issue 2 Contents Page

Jul 2020

In Arena no. 2, writers explore COVID-19 and some of its multifarious societal implications, plus university protests in India, Australia's role in intrigues at home and abroad, and the co-optation of the caring professions in 'Countering Violent Extremism'.

Arena Quarterly no. 1

Quarterly Issue 1 Contents Page

Mar 2020

Inaugural issue of Arena Quarterly