The LGBTIQ Community Must Stand Up To Drug Companies To End HIV/AIDS

The widespread medicating of the LGBTIQ community is not something to celebrate – it’s deeply troubling.

Pandemic Politics

In epidemiology, MacIntyre says, not everything is as it seems. She mistrusts some of her colleagues who put their reputations and grant applications ahead of scientific evidence and public health.

The Technoking and the Town Square: Musk, Twitter and radical individualism

Many of its frequent users have spoken recently of the tragedy of Twitter being destroyed 'as a community', it is clearly nothing like a community in any real sense. Indeed it substitutes for real community in its absence.

In the Pink

Dunstan had led the way with clothes reform in parliament, first with safari suits and then by appearing with neither coat nor tie.

Inner workings: On Conspiracies

Perversely, distrust of these institutions means that when people’s intuitions appear to be rejected, or the knowledge they value undermined, it becomes a type of validation: if they say it’s false, it must be true!

Degrowth, Green Growth, Post-Growth?

These key questions about the imagination and creation, financing, and governance of prosperous and resilient post-carbon communities are, as the authors of these five books forcefully argue, also vital starting points for the work required to strengthen support for reduced consumption and for post-growth ways of life.

Zero Gravity: Floating towards posthumanism

The transition to the posthuman will not turn on any Judgment Day scenario, but will be a slow and incremental process of quantity turning into quality.

Vision Mātauranga: Commodifying Māori knowledge

Clearly, the government ... needed a new paradigm, one that placed Māori research under its control and oriented it towards its own policy goals, disguised albeit as in the ‘interests of the nation as a whole’.

I’m still Dreaming of a Black Xmas stamp

In over sixty-six years of Christmas stamps, Australia has never issued one featuring an Aboriginal artwork, let alone a Black Virgin and Christ child.

Statement Against Racism in Western Australia

Colonialism is a system of violent occupation, theft and exclusion, and systematising of this occupation through generations and into any imagined future.

Too Big To Tax: North West Shelf and lessons for sharing in our sovereign wealth

For as long as fossil fuels are being extracted, the Australian people should receive an equitable share of the profits from the sale of non-renewable natural resources. This will help them to adapt to climate change and manage the transition to a renewable economy.

Threats and Conflict in the Middle East

Israel’s status as a nuclear state means that the threat of nuclear proliferation is constant.

Algeria’s Sexist Family Code Is Long Overdue for Reform

This Code proclaims women to be minors under the law, as it defines their existence only as daughters, mothers or wives.

The Burtons and Bandung

If Australia’s opportunity to join the non-aligned nations faltered with the ANZUS Treaty in 1952, it died at Bandung.

The Hydra of Albion: The Monster Beneath the British Crisis

The narcissism associated with Empire permeates British society from the playing fields of Eton to the terraces of football clubs up and down England,

Where There’s Smoke … There’s Brain Damage

Climate scientists and neuroscientists are concerned, for slightly different reasons, that the risk of fires is increasing in scale, frequency and spread.