Addressing Interiority

In the time of coronavirus, what happens to psychic life, to individual and collective subjectivity?

Global Capitalist Crisis Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part III)

The crisis triggered by the pandemic will leave in its wake more inequality, more political tension, more militarism and more authoritarianism; social upheaval, civil strife and mass popular struggles will likely escalate.

Imagined Communities Can’t Conquer Invisible Enemies

The coronavirus pandemic is a perfect storm in which the failure of the state is only dwarfed by the failure of the nation to provide any kind of unified, collective response.

Some (Un)intended Consequences

Without genuine oversight, openness and critique, this pandemic might change our social world in ways that are undesirable at best, and frightening at worst.

Global Capitalist Crisis Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part II)

When the health emergency comes to an end we may be left with a global economy even more dependent on militarised accumulation than before the virus hit, and with the threat that the ruling groups will turn to war.

COVID-19 and the Inconvenient Truth about Prisons

The inconvenient truth about prisons—that they fail us, harm us—has become a painful reality. COVID-19 gives us an opportunity to change.

Gathering In: When home calls, what are the lessons for social thinking?

The Covid-19 crisis has forced a critical question upon us that perhaps, collectively, we have taken for granted: how does our bodily presence, now estranged from almost every other body, shape our social relationships?

Global Capitalist Crisis: Deadlier than Coronavirus (Part I)

Financial speculation, pillaging the state, and debt-driven growth were ‘fixes’ that could not address the underlying structural conditions that triggered the 2008 financial collapse.

Changed Utterly

Robert Dinapoli reflects on the rapid spread of the coronavirus through a series of vignettes tracing his disrupted journey from upstate New York back to Melbourne.

Editorial: Undead Undone? Coronavirus and Capitalism

The coronavirus pandemic lays bare how the living, the dead and the grey zone in between are organised into a global system of power, ecology and technology; a formation whose vulnerabilities and contradictions are being pressed to boiling point.

Economy and the Pandemic

Economies across the globe were already in a parlous state in the wake of the Global Financial Crisis.

The deadly virus delivers accidental benefit to remote Indigenous Australia

The expansion of welfare payments in response to the coronavirus crisis will have a massive economic impact on remote indigenous Australia, effectively doubling the overall incomes of many communities.