The Long Siege of Gaza

The long-term, systematically planned nature of the siege needs re-emphasising as a fundamental aspect of the causation of the massacres that have taken place on either side of Israel’s militarised border.

Palestina Libera: Palestine march, Milan 21 October

Horrible and seductive eyes stare down on exhausted working people, people who just spent the day screaming at the top of their lungs to stop the genocide.

On Returning from Israel: An Email to the Editors 

Since the beginning of this nightmare, while being there, I carefully listened to Israeli TV and radio news programs, all devoted now to war pornography.

The Only Path to Peace in the Middle East

Arena Online

Ali Kazak

26 Oct 2023

The solution is based on the peaceful coexistence and the equality of all citizens, regardless of their religion and ethnicity, in one democratic state.

PODCAST: Bombs Bursting In Our Air: AUKUS, Australia and the course set for war?

An audio recording of the Arena public discussion hosted by the Institute for Postcolonial Studies (IPCS).

Gas Town, Darwin: Greenwashing fossil fuel expansion in northern Australia

That the Australian taxpayer is funding this dystopian vision during an escalating climate crisis is a national scandal.

The Password is ‘Sugar’

A prolegomenon to the indirect contributions of Atlantic chattel-slaveries to the revolution inside capital

Black mist across the desert

Yami Lester was ten years old when a British atomic weapon, codenamed Totem 1, was detonated at Emu Field on 15 October 1953. The wind carried dust into his eyes. Four years later, he lost all sight.

The Voice: Dark Fault Lines Unfold

The government that brought us the referendum has not assumed the courageous leadership that would be vital to refocusing the community at large, helping us to see things differently.

A New Right for Safe Drinking Water in NT Remote Community Housing

The prevalence of uranium in drinking water has on some measurements reached three times the recommended maximum safe level under the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines.

Climate Fault-line: North vs South on the Loss and Damages Fund

Global South nations are demanding to speak for themselves – but even this is being railroaded by wealthy Western nations.

Beware of what? Considerations on the state of legal pluralism in Australia

The Voice may end up as a toothless tiger but it will certainly not weaken the Australian legal system, Constitution or democracy.

On the Climate Frontline: Talking to survivors of the Northern Rivers catastrophe

Accounts are visceral and distressing: of last moment escapes through windows and scrambled rescues from rooftops; of witnessing raw destruction and surreal chaos; of the terror of children, the aged and vulnerable; of the horror and the pity of drowning animals.

Reflections on the Novorossiya War

A conservative and realist appraisal of Russia’s invasion and Ukraine’s chances

A Culture of Remembrance?

Erinnerungskultur, or culture of remembrance, conveys the idea that the memory of Germany’s past needs to be permanently woven into both its political and its everyday culture.

Still Fighting the Frontier Wars

Taking a thoroughly Orwellian approach, Katter’s Australian Party’s ‘Newspeak’ produces a twisted white supremacist discourse that easily forgets the killing times.