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Arena Journal no.51/52

2018: Humanity: Surplus to Requirements

Published: 26 May 2019


Title Author Page
Melinda Hinkson 1
Settler Colonialism and Displacement
The Cliché of Resilience
Governing Indigeneity in the Arctic
Julian Reid 10
Containment, Elimination, Settler Colonialism
Lorenzo Veracini 18
Growing Up Surplus to Humanity
Aboriginal Children in the Northern Territory
Thalia Anthony 40
Casablanca in Dark Times
The Ethos of Displacement
Fiona Jenkins 71
Refugees, Surveillance and the Un-Seeing State
Elisabeth Yarbakhsh 92
The Map Here Is Useless?
Transformations of Resistance in Ramallah
Micaela Sahhar 102
Work, Economy and Technologial Futures
Basic Income and Post-Capitalist Imaginaries
From Surplus Humanity to Humanity’s Surplus
Stephen Healy 130
New Subjectivities of Work?
Technologies and Capitalism into the Future
Naomi Smith and P. J. Holtum 153
Society against the State as Society against Surplus
Gillian G. Tan 177
Utilitarian Life
Shifting Biopolitics and the Life–Economy Nexus
Jens Stilhoff Sörensen 186
Sketches for a Theory of Abject Economies
David Boarder Giles 207
Notes on Contributors