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Arena journal no.49/50

2018: Religion in a Secular Age? The Struggle for Meaning in an Abstracted World

Published: 28 Jun 2018


Title Author Page
Whither Religion in a World of Compounding Crises?
Stephen Ames, Ian Barns, John Hinkson, Paul James and Gordon Preece 1
Part I (a) – Religion from a ‘Constitutive Levels’ Perspective
Can Transcendence Have a Social Meaning?
John Hinkson 23
What Does It Mean Ontologically to Be Religious?
Paul James 56
As Revelation and Reason Founder: A Way into the Future?
Geoff Sharp 101
Part I (b) – Religion from a Theological Perspective
Can We Re-imagine a Good Society after Neoliberalism?
Ian Barns 122
Can We Live ‘in but not of’ the Immanent Frame?
Stephen Ames 169
Where Is the Sacred Imaginary in these Secular Times?
Gordon Preece 204
Part II
Introduction to Part II
John Hinkson 251
The Natural World and After…
Geoff Sharp 253
Notes on Contributors