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Arena journal no.39/40

2013: General Issue

Published: 2 Aug 2013

ARENA journal

Number Thirty-Nine/Forty, 2013



Editorial – Issue 39/40 Geoff Sharp 1

Strategic Redirections

On Nuclear Proliferation Alan Robers 8
Rebooting Asia: Conflicting Agendas Gavan McCormack 22
Politics, Independence and the National Interest:
The Legacy of Power and How to Achieve a Peaceful Western Pacific
Malcolm Fraser 37
Democratic Vanguardism’: Francis Fukuyama and the Bush Doctrine Michael Harland 51
Flying at Altitude: Obama Balances Disarmament against US Nuclear Primacy Aiden Warren 68
The ‘Joint Facilities’ Today: Desmond Ball, Democratic Debate on Security, and the Human Interest Richard Tanter 88
Leo Africanus and the Songhay: The Plundering of Northern Mali, Past and Present Christopher Wise 140


Larger than Economy: Interpreting the Global Financial Crisis John Hinkson 158
MOOCS: Disrupting the University or Business as Usual? Simon Cooper 182
On Eschatology and the ‘Return to Religion’ Matthew Sharpe 203
Globalizing Religions: World without End, or the End of Religion? Paul James and Peter Mandaville 229
Art, Utopia and the Aestheticized Self Matthew Ryan 253

Notes on Contributors