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Arena journal no.35/36

2011: Changing the Climate: Utopia, Dystopia and Catastrophe

Published: 2 Sep 2012

ARENA journal

Nuber Thirty-Five/Six, 2011



Changing the Climate Andrew Milner 1

Part I: Science in the Capital

Remarks on Utopia in the Age of Climate Change Available online Kym Stanley Robinson 8
N-H-N’: Kim Stanley Robinson’s Dialectics of Ecology Tom Moylan 22
Free Exchange and Dark Secrecy in the Capital Chris Palmer 45

Part II: Imagining Catastrophe

Imagining Catastrophe: Utopia and Dystopia in a Warming World Kate Rigby 57
The Ecotopian Modelbuilding of Australian Climate Change Intellectuals Verity Burgmann 78
Of Bodies and Souls: Ecology and Orthodox Christianity Tamara Prosic 95
Care, Love and Our Responsibility to the Future Rupert Read 115

Part III: Writing Catastrophe

Truth is Consequence John Clute 124
Unlikely Utopians: Ecotopian Dreaming in H.P. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow over Innsmouth’ and Octavia Butler’sLilith’s Brood David Farnell 141
‘Remember the Voices of the Trees’: The Turn from Technology in Kate Wilhelm’s Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang Anne Maxwell 157
Doomed by Hope: Environmental Disaster and the ‘Structured Ignorance’ of Risk in Margaret Atwood’s Speculative Fiction Jennifer A. Wagner-Lawlor 173

Part IV: Visualizing Catastrophe

Shadows of the Holocene: Transfigurations of the Nonhuman World in Science Fiction Film Linda Williams 196
Politics and Ecology on the Korean Left: AntiAmericanism and Environmental Dystopia in The Host Gord Sellar 217
Figures of Extraterrestrials in Film: A Threat to Utopia Lauren Bliss 233
Futurism Now: Structure and Process in Contemporary Art Laura McLean 247


Changed by the Climate Simon Sellars 265

Notes on Contributors