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Arena journal no.3

1994: General Issue

Published: 30 Aug 2012

ARENA journal

Number Three, 1994


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Civil War Geoff Sharp

Commentaries: The World at Large

Foucault and The New Imperial Order Patricia Stamp
Hollywood’s Indeterminancy Machine: Virtual Reality and Total Recall David Bennett
GATT, Development and Intellectual Property Bruce Lindsay
Falling Everywhere: Postmodern Politics and American Cultural Mythologies Anthony Ashbolt

Media and Democracy

A Second Media Age? Mark Poster
Citizens of Media, Technologies of Readership John Hartley

Indigenous Cultures and the Nation

Native Title in the Reshaping of Australian Identity Nonie Sharp
Lyotard and Mabo: An Unprecedented Liason Ricki Green
We Know all about the Past Benno Wagner


Russia: The Silence of the Lambs Sebastian Job
Intersubjectivity: Extended Forms of Personness Fiona Mackie
The City and the Country: Notes on Belonging and SelfSufficiency Mohammed Bamyeh