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Arena journal no.25/26

2006: Imagining the Future: Utopia and Dystopia

Published: 1 Sep 2012

ARENA journal

Number Twenty-five/Twenty-six, 2006


Introduction Andrew Milner, Matthew Ryan and Robert Savage 7

Part I: Archaeologies of the Future

The Antinomies of Utopia (Only Available Hard copy) Fredric Jameson 15
Fredric Jameson and Anti-Anti-Utopianism Peter Fitting 37
Producing Criticism as Utopia: Fredric Jameson and Science Fiction Maria Elisa Cevasco 52
Reading the Maps: Realism, Science Fiction and Utopian Strategies Dougal McNeill 63

Part II: The Politics of Utopia

Ideology and Utopia in the Work of Fredric Jameson, or, The Counter-Revolution in the Revolution Ian Buchanan 83
Archaeologies of Anti-Capitalist Utopianism Verity Burgmann 99
Critiquing the Violence of Guantanamo: Resisting the Monopolization of the Future Jess Whyte 123
An Un-Original Tale: Utopia Denied in Enuma Elish Roland Boer 136

Part III: Australian Utopias

(Not) by Design: Utopian Moments in the Creation of Canberra Kate Rigby 155
The Utopian Imagination of Aboriginalism Darren Jorgensen 178

Part IV: Utopian Theory

The Illusion of the Future: Notes on Benjamin and Freud Andrew Benjamin 193
The Pure Machine’s Gambit: Walter Benjamin’s Thesis I Dimitris Vardoulakis 205
The Utopian Dimension of Thought in Deleuze and Guattari Eugene W. Holland 217
‘Tragic Utopianism’ and Critique in Raymond Williams Paul Jones 243

Part V: Future Fictions

From Herland to Outland: The Changing Anatomies of Gender Dystopia Rob Baum 265
Three French Futures: Australia, Antarctica and Ailleurs Jacqueline Dutton 278
Margaret Atwood, Doughnut Holes and the Paradox of Imagining Toby Widdicombe 295
Science Fiction as Historical Novel: Michel Houellebecq’s Les Particules élémentaires David Jack 319
Framing Catastrophe: The Problem of Ending in Dystopian Fiction Andrew Milner 333

Part VI: Bibliographical Essay

Eutopias and Dystopias of Science Lyman Tower Sargent 357

Part VII: Archive

The Proper Use of Science Fiction (Only available Hard Copy) Maurice Blanchot 375