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Arena journal no.17/18

2002: Scholars and Entrepreneurs: The Universities in Crisis

Published: 1 Sep 2012

ARENA journal

Number Seventeen/Eighteen, 2002



Simon Cooper 1

Part I: When the Earth Moved: The 1980s Revisited

Universities and Postmodernism Bernd Huppauf 11
Thinking Otherwise: Deconstruction in the University Kevin Hart 35
The University and After? Geoff Sharp 49
Academic Unions: Conferring with Dawkins John Hinkson 67

Part II: Perspectives on the University Today

‘Funny You Should Ask for That’: Higher Education as a Market Stuart Macintyre 79
The University: Is it Finished? Raimond Gaita 91
Towards a Politics of the Enterprise University Simon Marginson 109
The University in the Knowledge Economy Michael Peters 137
The University and Its Metamorphoses Geoff Sharrock 153

Part III: The University and Global Restructuring: The Scholars Meet the Market

Abstracting Knowledge Formation: A Report on Academia and Publishing Paul James and Douglas McQueen-Thomson 183
Post-Intellectuality? Universities and the Knowledge Industry Simon Cooper 207
Perspectives on the Crisis of the University John Hinkson 233
The Idea of the Intellectual and After Geoff Sharp 269