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Arena journal no.15

2000: General Issue

Published: 1 Sep 2012

ARENA journal

Number 15, 2000



I Have Glimpsed the New Level Playing Field and ….. John Hinkson 1

Commentaries: The World at Large

The Lessons of Lebanon Jeremy Salt 3
The Fate of the University Simon Cooper 11
What’s Love Got to Do With It? Alison Caddick 19
Corroboree 2000: A Nation Defining Event Peter Russell 25
Behind the Fiji Crisis: Politics of Labour in an Darryn Snell and Ethnically Divided Society Satendra Prasad 39


The Network of Moral Sentiments: The Third Way and Community Chris Scanlon 57
Social Movements in Complex Societies: A European Perspective Alberto Melucci 81
Globalization Now: Outstripping Critical Analysis Geoff Sharp 101
Class and Cultural Production: The Intelligentsia as a Social Class Andrew Milner 118

Review Article

A Common Humanity? Lloyd Reinhardt 139

Discussion: Arena and Overland

The Importance of Class: Points of Tension Between Arena and Overland Nathan Hollier 149
The Politics of Culture: The Wharves and Social Reality John Hinkson 158

Notes on Contributors