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Arena journal no.13

1999: General Issue

Published: 1 Sep 2012

ARENA journal

Number Thirteen, 1999



Who Can Enforce the Peace? Geoff Sharp 1

Commentaries: The World at Large

Turkey’s Swing to the Right Jeremy Salt 7
Negotiating Indigenous Reconciliation: Territorial Rights and Governance in Nunavut Peter Jull 17
Ten years of Vitamin P: Prozac and Social Meaning Guy Rundle 25


The Cultural Politics of Tatooing Peter Lentini 31
New Waves Across the Seascape Nonie Sharp 51
White-Washing Away Native Title Rights: The Yorta Yorta Land Claim Case Katrina Alford 67
The Virtual University Michael Arnold 85
Third Way Politics and Social Theory: Anthony Giddens’ Critique of Globalisation John Hinkson 101
An Interview with Alberto Melucci Alberto Melucci 125

Review Article

Feminist Betrayals: Jean Curthoys’ Feminist Amnesia Val Plumwood 143

Notes on Contributors