Informit article: Too Cleaver by half?

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‘Rake’ and the bourn of Australian television

True farce-tragic comedy, or comedic tragedy, with its exaggerated idiocy amidst outrageously improbable situations-can be sublime or excruciating. It can extend the reach of mere satire into illumination of the universal human, or reduce it to the glib mouthing of contrived, overworked, unconvincing ‘humour’. Sadly, farce hasn’t been done really well since the passing of the ‘Comic Strip Presents …’ (BBC 1980s) and yet Australians ought to be reasonably good at it given that our whole existence and history as a nation is nothing if not farcical. (Both the Marx’s would have a field day, with the last few years of our federal politics, just for starters.)

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