Informit article: The being of the occupier is that of a settler: Response to ‘indigenous sovereignty’ and the ‘being of the occupier’

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The argument Toula Nicolacopoulos and George Vassilacopoulos present in Indigenous Sovereignty and the Being of the Occupier is similar to the one I make in Settler Colonialism: A Theoretical Overview. In the twentieth century individuals with whom one shared a history of political engagement were called ‘fellow travellers’. Fellow travellers retained their specific positions beyond established orthodoxies. Those orthodoxies and the contradictions that they produced have now vanished, and have given way to the unchallenged ascendancy of neoliberal ideologies. However, I am responding here to what I understand as precious intellectual ‘fellow travellers’. We share very little – not the specific sources we refer to, not the terminology we use to describe similar phenomena, and not the disciplinary approach. And yet, through completely different paths, we have arrived at fundamentally analogous conclusions.

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