Informit article: Sufficient pacification

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An extract from ‘Israel’s Matrix of Control’ in ‘War Amongst the People’.

If the development of high-tech weaponry and components for weapons systems constitutes the first Israeli macro-niche in the global pacification system, then providing a model of securocratic control, what I call Israel’s Matrix of Control, embodies the second. The Occupied Palestinian Territory has been transformed into probably the most monitored, controlled and militarised place on earth. It epitomises the dream of every general, security expert and police officer to be able to exercise total biopolitical control. In a situation where the local population enjoys no effective legal protections or privacy, they and their lands become a laboratory where the latest technologies of surveillance, control and suppression are perfected and showcased, giving Israel an edge in the highly competitive global market. Labels such as ‘Combat Proven’, ‘Tested in Gaza’ and ‘Approved by the IDF’ on Israeli or foreign products greatly improves their marketability.

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