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The Northern Territory Intervention as a strategy of settler colonialism

The Northern Territory Intervention and its continuation in the form of the perversely misnamed Stronger Futures legislation (which at the time of writing is set to pass the Senate in a rare instance of bipartisan cooperation) has already been subjected to critical analysis from a wide range of perspectives. Yet five years after the Intervention’s announcement and on the eve of its ten-year extension, this radical policy and the agenda it represents continues to defy understanding. Existing analyses and their differing approaches reflect not only the variety of problems with the prevailing agenda of punitive, interventionist assimilationism in Indigenous affairs, but also the complex, often contradictory intentions underlying the legislative measures themselves. Considering the lack of explanation or justification by either the instituting or extending governments regarding the supposed links between the Intervention’s objectives and many of the measures involved, not to mention the veil of secrecy surrounding its continuation, ongoing attempts at explanation are essential.

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