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‘I told her I think I’m a girl’, says George, the epony – mous narrator of Alex Gino’s children’s novel. George is what her family and friends call her, but she (and throughout the story the narrator uses the feminine pronoun for George) prefers Melissa. Published by Scholastic in the United States, it has won several prizes, and was a best book of the year for Booklist, School Library Journal and Kirkus Reviews and a notable book for the New York Public Library. It is the story of a fourth-grade boy who decides to come out as a girl to her family and best friend in the process of auditioning for a part in the school play, Charlotte’s Web. She performs as a girl, playing the part of Charlotte. One reviewer, quoted in the 2017 paperback version, said that ‘reading this breathtaking debut should be a requirement for living’. The back of the book encourages the reader to ‘Be Who You Are’.

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