Informit article: Brokeback Kirribilli

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A new prime minister is supposed to get a bounce in the polls. John Howard got a big one, Newspoll’s cheeky ‘better PM’ question recording a jump from 40 (the percentage of the population who liked him better than Paul Keating) immediately before the 1996 election to 54 per cent immediately after it. Albeit, we were then comparing him with Labor’s own Biggest Loser, Bomber-turned-Ambassador Beazley. Of course, Howard’s bounce was nothing compared with that enjoyed by K-Rudd, whose relative approval rating shot up from 47 per cent when he defeated the incumbent to a whopping 73 per cent just months later next to Dr Brendon ‘Seven Per Cent’ Nelson. Even the hapless Ms Gillard got a bit of a bounce, although hers, admittedly, lasted only two weeks.

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