Informit article: Abbott’s alternate reality

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Contructing Reality through fear and hostility.

From the time he became the leader of the Liberal Party in December 2009, Tony Abbott was relentless in his strategy to win back government for the Coalition. More tradition incarnations of Her Majesty’s Opposition would for the most part imagine themselves as a check and balance on a government they would otherwise allow to govern according to their mandate. As Abbott himself wrote in his 2009 book, ‘Battlelines’, written before he became opposition leader, ‘There’s much to be said for adopting the view that the government is generally entitled to get its legislation through, because that’s what the people voted for’. But he dispensed with this approach when he actually took over months later. ‘Oppositions are not there to get legislation through’, he said. ‘Unless we are confident that a piece of legislation is beyond reasonable doubt in the national interest, it is our duty as the Opposition to vote it down’.

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