Informit article: A categorical crisis

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Six years ago, the Abbott gov – ernment swept to power with the unabashed propagandistic support of News Corp and reliant on a perception of the Labor leadership as elitist, duplicitous and self-absorbed, with a dash of misogyny thrown in. Abbott had the demeanour of a philosopherking , a politician-author coming from the Catholic Right tradition, ostensibly embodying purpose and judgment in one hard, muscular shell. Abbott appeared to have a degree of pragmatism, campaigning on a promise largely to continue Labor’s program in education and health funding , and to support the ABC. The Rudd-Gillard-Rudd governments had had six years, and in that time they had given evidence that party politics as we knew it was beginning to fray. The fear was that a purposeful Abbott government could render R-G-R Labor a mere interregnum in an era dominated by the Coalition.

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