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Green bans

There are 32 pieces on a chess board. A love letter should never be written in pencil...

Where the mind is without fear…

And I wondered, not for the first time, what patriotism is, what the love of country truly consists of, how that yearning loyalty that had shaken my friend's voice arises: And how so real a love can become, too often, so foolish and vile a bigotry. Where does it go wrong?

The assassins

The assassins...

Sub-imperial state: Australian dirty work [Book Review]

Review(s) of: Secret: The Making of Australia's Security State, by Brian Toohey, (Melbourne University Press, 2019); Oil Under Troubled Water: Australia's Timor Sea Intrigue, by Bernard Collaery, (Melbourne University Press, 2020).

Trauma talk

Didn't get that job, relationship breakdown, bad loss in the semi-final? These kinds of losses can now colloquially be described using the 'T' word. No longer unusual or noteworthy, 'trauma' has become common usage for the narration of personal distress.

Last chance for universities?

How bad will it be? Up until the COVID-19 pandemic, international-student revenue for Australian universities had been around 25 per cent across the sector, with many of Australia's 'sandstone' universities relying on international students for at least a third of their income. The loss of much of this revenue for the near to mid-future represents the biggest crisis the sector has faced. The paucity of government support and the federal minister's real or feigned ignorance…

On walking now

The recent translation of Franz Hessel's Walking in Berlin provides another occasion for walking to return as a topic-a topic that has acquired a new significance in an era in which terms such as 'lockdown' have become a sort of commonplace. Originally published in 1929, it inspired, in part, Walter Benjamin's development of his own conception of the 'flaneur'. In addition, Hessel's work provided a decisive element of the thinking that prompted Benjamin's The Arcades…

Unmasked: Face-work in a pandemic

The enhanced cultural symbolism of the mask indicates that even in these times of social distancing we live in a world of social encounters fraught with meaning.

A high-tech pandemic?

As lockdown restrictions begin to be lifted, do we have to remind ourselves that we have become deeply committed over forty years to a global way of living, producing and distributing that has been expanding and cross-referencing in ways that have no comparison with the past?

Summer 2020: Three poems: Revelations; The last post; Straw dogs

This morning miles from Events (too obvious, and heart-wrenching to mention again before bedtime)...

The limits of control

Fifty years ago the insightful philosopher of technology Lewis Mumford noted that cybernetic systems of computing machines were becoming almost godlike in their ability to survey and control everyday life, with increasing omniscience and omnipotence.

American-Iranian enmity

Trump's regional strategies are being undermined by Iran's new alliances.