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Lonely witness

I sit on a bar stool in an Oxford pub and listen to my friend Neil describe in great detail the things that he has, only a few days ago, witnessed in Bosnia, in the main streets, the tiny lanes of an impossibly small village. Around each corner and on many rooftops there are snipers. Those who were once neighbours take pot shots at closed doors. Young boys who grew up together, went to the…

Mining the deep sea

When I mention that the global mining industry is eyeing the deep seabed as the next frontier in mining I am commonly met with gasps of disbelief and dismay. That gut reaction is often followed up with sensible exclamations about the fact that the world's oceans are already overstressed by contaminants from human activity, such as plastics, and by overfishing, and, from those in the know, by acidification. Unsurprisingly, these apprehensions do not factor into…

Cryptic crossword

Flowers in shades

On a beach of blue and white ink, upright stalks unleash...


It was supposed to be the simplest of all the numbers nestled neatly in the centre of the number line...

‘If we don’t dig I t up, someone else will’

One of the most pervasive lies in Australian public debate was thoroughly exposed three times in recent weeks. The lie is: if we don't dig it up, someone else will (IWDDIUSEW). If Australia doesn't dig up huge amounts of coal, gas and oil, some other country will do it instead, so we might as well mine as much as we can. Pointing out the existence of other miners of coal, oil and gas is supposed…

Lead graphic

Going negative

Consumers who are deep in debt may have become excited about recent talk of negative interest rates. If they were to materialise, debts would carry no cost and would decrease in value the longer they were held! But these negative rates, where they have already occurred, do not apply to consumer debt. They circulate at another level - between banks and central banks. All the same, negative interest rates are truly unprecedented. Indeed they defy…

Nuclear promises

In 2006 the Howard government commissioned nuclear enthusiast and former chair of the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation Ziggy Switkowski to undertake a review of nuclear power for Australia. On 1 June 2010 Switkowski made an extraordinary statement about matters nuclear on the ABC's World Today.

Indigenous institutional exclusion

Humphrey McQueen's response (Arena Magazine no. 161) addresses matters tangential to the concerns of my article 'This Is Not a Day for You' (Arena Magazine no. 159). He uses it as a launching platform for a correction to current directions in historical research. My article does follow the current historical focus on frontier violence but is concerned with the contemporary conundrums of a 'settler' colonial state. My principal interest is not one of advocacy as…

Later, as poetry [Book Review]

Review(s) of: No friend but the mountains, by Behrouz Boochani (Pan Macmillan, 2018).

Encounters with nuclear space and time

On 11 March 2011 - as I was preparing to enter graduate school - a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and resultant tsunami caused a full meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant located on the island of Honshu, on the east coast of Japan. Within days the Vienna-based international organisation tasked with verifying the proposed moratorium on nuclear-weapons testing - the Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization - issued a series of six technical…